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Kara Sardegna is a shop located at the Olbia costa Smeralda Airport. It was born on 26 June 1994 to promote Sardinian typical products.

Our selling point has brought together all the "jems of Sardinia", a variety of products which express all the flavours and beauties of a traditional culture. In order to introduce Sardinia´s gastronomic heritage, we want to show you a huge range of the best Sardinian wines, accompanied by cheeses, salami, botargo, oils and sweets.

We have been looking after the activity for years, taking care of the quality and respecting our customers, which are so fond of the typical products of the island.

The Kara Sardegna shop


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Spaghetti tossed with creamed sea urchins scented with lemon zests

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Ingredients for 4 peoples: 400g spaghetti pasta 2-3 jars of creamed sea urchins 1 non treated lemon Fresh parsley Salt and pepper Cook the pasta in abundant hot and salty water keeping it al dente, drain,...

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Our partners

GEASAR - Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda
Ciao Sardinia
Wokita, part of Meridiana group
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