The ´Cantina di Santadi´ is located in Sulcis, south-west area of Sardinia, near the fabolous beaches of Porto Pino.
The Cantina was born in 1960 and, after the first difficult yeras, it started to succeed.
The members (300 in total) were ambitious: they wanted to sell the best red wine in a bottle ( Carignano, Vermentino, Nuragus and Nasco vines ). Even the popular wine-expert Giacomo Tachis came to the rescue, and the outcome was great!!! The Carignano vines and the French barriques give life to a tannic, well-balanced wine! Nowadays, the most important wines produced are: Terre Brune, Rocca Rubia, Araja, Antigua, villa di Chiesa, Cala Silente, Pedrata, Villa Solais and Latinia Do you wanna know the secret of their success? The modern techniques and the love for the land are an inseparable pair to safeguard the Sardinian traditions!!!

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