Kara Sardegna

The quality lies in the place where it is born and in the ideas behind it. Gariga is born at the foot of the mountains of Sardinia; it comes from the idea of ??processing the olives into an extra virgin olive oil of excellence, preserving the quality and the original aromas through the most advanced technologies.

We are passionate, first of all, of highquality.We have decided to get the excellence as our main goal, and, due to this, we produce one of the healthiest food products that Mediterranean cuisine is able to offer: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).Since childhood,

Giuseppe Angelo Zedda, founder of the "Su Molinu" oil mill, has been accostumed to live the campaign with his grandfather, and has made of his passion the basis for studying and creating a group of experienced and passionate collaborators. The working group follows, with the same goal of high quality, the campaign, the transformation process and the conservation of the final product by following the meticulousness and attention transmitted by Giuseppe. All elements are necessary to obtain a product capable of releasing those aromas and freshness typical of our island.In the centre of Sardinia, the extra virgin olive oilGariga comes, from the love for thecountryside and from the study and the constant research of high quality.

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