Kara Sardegna

You no longer have to worry about staying at home all day waiting for the courier. From today, receiving your purchases on is even more convenient.

Thanks to over 7,000 BRT-fermopoints, you have the option to choose the delivery location closest to you directly on the website.


This offers you a significant advantage in terms of freedom and options. In fact, all newsstands, tobacco shops, stationery stores, and other affiliated BRT-fermopoints provide great flexibility in terms of hours and days for picking up your purchases.Once the package is delivered to the pickup point you selected, you will be notified by email. You will have 7 days to collect your products.

INFO: You can send shipments to pickup points with a weight equal to or less than 20 kg.

For example, 13 bottles of 75 cl wine weigh approximately 20 kg. (Fresh products cannot be delivered to pickup points)