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Cold pasta salad with mullet bottarga, cherry tomatoes and cream of celery

Tue 1 September 2020

4 servings: Spaghetti (or short pasta if preferred): 280 g Diced cherry tomatoes: 130 g Celery: 1 little head Grated mullet bottarga: 70 g Whole mullet bottarga: To taste Extra-virgin olive oil: To taste Salt: To tasteCOOKING PROCEDURE: Cook pasta until al dente in salted boiling water. Drain it and put it in a large bowl dressing withoil and grated bottarga; then let it cold. Blend the celery and filter the liquid; add salt, pepper and oil to taste. Add the diced tomatoes to the cold dressed...

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Smoked sword fish and asparagus salad with creamy asparagus dressing

Fri 17 November 2017

Ingredients for 4 peopple: 20 slices of smoked sword fish(you can use smoked tuna or smoked salmon if you like) 1 jar of asparagus in olive oil 1 jar of creamy asparagus 20 cherry tomatoes- Mixed salad leaves (lettuce, radicchio, Belgian endive, roquette salad, etc.) as much as you like. Salt and pepper Wash and chop the salad leaves, dry up and put on side. Cut the smoked sword fish in half. Cut the cherry tomatoes in quarter or in half. Drain the olive oil from the asparagus in a bowl and mix...

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Mille-Feuille of Carasau bread with ventresca tuna (selected cut of tuna belly) and black olives

Tue 10 October 2017

Ingredients for 4 peopple: 8 sheets of Carasau Bread 2 jars of Ventresca tuna in olive oil 2 jars of tuna and tomato sauce 1 jar of - Fresh parsley 1 med carrot- 1 med white onion 2 stalk of celery- Cold water 1,5 l Salt and pepper as you likeWash and clean vegetables and the parsley, using the stalks and keeping the leaves on the side. Chop them regularly and prepare a vegetable stock. Once ready strain an keep hot. Pour the tuna sauce in to a casserole and reduce of one third and keep hot. In...

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Spaghetti tossed with creamed sea urchins scented with lemon zests

Thu 4 May 2017

Ingredients for 4 peoples: 400g spaghetti pasta 2-3 jars of creamed sea urchins 1 non treated lemon Fresh parsley Salt and pepper Cook the pasta in abundant hot and salty water keeping it al dente, drain, but keep some hot water on the side, put it back in the pan and add the creamy sea urchins, extra virgin olive oil and the zest at least from half of the lemon, adding the hot water if necessary to avoid sticky pasta. Add if you like some black pepper and fresh parsley.

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Papassinos Nieddos and Grappa of Turriga Tiramisù

Wed 19 April 2017

INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE: 500g mascarpone cheese 3 medium eggs 80g sugar 2 packets of papassinos nieddos 200ml espresso coffee 100ml grappa di Turriga Cocoa powder to dust 4 capacious glasses In a capacious bowl whisk the eggs yolk and the sugar to the ribbon stage, add the mascarpone cheese few a time and at least four tablespoon of grappa and mix until the cream as reached a thick stage, keep it in the fridge. Wisk now the eggs white up to the pick stage and add half of it to the mascarpone...

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