Kara Sardegna
Honey Sardinia, an uncontaminated land with mild climate and its wild undergrowth, offers a wide selection of honey, well known for its sweeting and nutritive properties.

You can choose among a variety of flavours: the corbezzolo honey which is very bitter; the eucalyptus honey; the strong cardoon honey; the lavender honey which is extremely delicate and highly perfumed; the orange blossom honey which has an intensive bitter-sweet taste; the rosemary honey and, finally, the millefiori honey (one thousand flowers) which is made from the nectar of all the flowers within the range of the hives and it represents the Sardinian typical vegetation.

The honey is mostly used in the preparation of typical sweetmeats like the Seadas, the Torrone di Tonara, the Aranzada di Nuoro and the Acciuleddi di Gallura which represent the Sardinian tradition; it also accompanies well Ricotta cheese, Pecorino cheese and fresh vegetables.