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Jams and marmalades Marmalades and jams are very popular in the Mediterranean countries.
The marmalade is made using the pulp, juice and rind of the fruit; the jam is made only with the pulp and juice.
To make perfect marmalades and jams it is important that the balance of sugar and the ripeness of the fruit are right, so it is essential to use the ripest fruit you can find.
If you add less sugar, more water is estracted from the fruit in the cooking process, making it stronger in flavour but also more prone to get mouldy.

In Sardinia, during summer time, there is a sense of anticipation that the first crops are ripening.
Our mums pick cherries, strawberries, figs, peaches to make tasty marmelades and jams to keep them for the long, cold winters or to prepare delicious tarts.

Kara Sardegna offers the best Sardinian marmalades and jams, made of fresh fruits which revive to the most nostalgics the pleasure and genuinity of long past times food.

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