Kara Sardegna
Spices Italy is the country which uses most spices and herbs to improve the good quality of the ingredients.
In Sardinia, you can find a wide range of natural spices; the most valuable is the saffron.
Saffron has tiny, delicate purple flowers, which have red stigmas that make the prestigious spice.

Saffron has enjoyed a reputation as the king of spices since Egiptian times; and it wad used as currency for trading by the Doges of Venice.

Saffron blossoms only in November.
Its high price is due to the fact that it has to be picked by hand and that it takes half a milion stigmas to make a kilo of product. All this work has to be done in the same day, because the flowers are delicate and die quickly.

In Sardinia, you can find the longest, richest-coloured stigmas of outstanding quality.

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