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MOM the Mother Jewel Byzantine style gold plated silver with peridot in the center (diameter 5 cm)

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MOM the Mother Jewel

MOM the Mother Jewel is an archetypal jewel containing elements that refer to ancient philosophical disciplines rich in meanings that help protect, strengthen and favor the individual path of life. It is purely feminine. The fascinating note of the jewel is its history and its meaning based on ancient archetypes, the archetypes contained in it are centered and centered on the figure of the Mother Goddess, the final combination of numbers symbolizes rebirth, artistic uniqueness recognized by art experts , with an exhibition of some jewels of the various lines (lines were created for the styles of the different dominations of various peoples that occurred on the island over the centuries) in the MdM Museum on the Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo before it closed, for four years , in Treviso in the Ca Carraresi Foundation and at the General Aviation of Olbia Airport. MOM the Mother jewel is a catalyst of positive energies, numerology has been applied to jewels, expressed by the number of dots or stones arranged in circles with a pearl in the centre. It was born taking inspiration from the drawings that appeared in the Neolithic period on the Boeli Stele and then also recalling the Sardinian button and it evolves and personalizes into a unique and original jewel.

Regarding the numerology and the archetypes contained in the jewel, whose final combination beyond the Mother Goddess is the spiritual rebirth of man, I would like to remind you that among some ancient peoples the scholars of the time had attributed a number to each element of nature, calling it an archetype and they engraved all the relative figures with the corresponding number on tablets to be kept and handed down. When the vulgar found these decorated tablets, not understanding their meaning, they used these numbers for divination (prediction of the future) completely moving away from the original meaning. My creations go beyond this interpretation, in fact the numbers mentioned belong to the ancient philosophies dealt with by illustrious figures of the past (Pythagoras, Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Leonardo da Vinci Piero Della Francesca etc. In the modern age, the psychiatrist - psychoanalyst - philosopher and anthropologist Carl Gustav Jung, underlines the importance of archetypes in the collective unconscious.

Material gold plated silver with peridot in the center


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