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Kundaline the Jewel of Love white silver with chain (diameter 3 cm)

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3 x 0 x 0 cm

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DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK BY THE ARTIST - ELVIRA ANGELA PATTITONI: is a jewel that contains the archetypes of love (ancient symbols, the first examples of something, the first form of something). And ‘the symbol of the western concept of couple (in the East ying and yang).

The archetypes act as fixers of a desire and an intention with the heart of the wearer and will help to strengthen it.

Besides the red rose as a symbol of passion and love, is the flower of myrtle symbolizes pure love since ancient times. Kundaline is an unisex jewel, men and women who come together and vibrate as one in the universe where reigns the perfect balance of energy forces that will gravitate. Simple gift, sober, in impact for the new era of rebirth.


MATERIALS: white silver with chain

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