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MOM Future jewel of rebirth (diameter 5 cm)

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MOM Future was born from a sculpture made by the owner and shown as a central image in the jewel, which bears her name MOM Future.


Thirteen zircons appear in the image, the number thirteen in numerology, concerning ancient archetypes symbolizes the cycle of rebirth; among some ancient populations the scholars of the time had attributed a number to each element of nature calling it an archetype and engraved all the relative figures with the corresponding number on tablets to be kept and handed down. When the vulgar found these decorated tablets, not understanding their meaning, they used these numbers for divination (prediction of the future) completely moving away from the original meaning.

My creations go beyond this interpretation, in fact the numbers mentioned belong to the ancient philosophies dealt with by illustrious figures of the past (Pythagoras, Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Leonardo da Vinci Piero Della Francesca etc. In the modern age, the psychiatrist - psychoanalyst - philosopher and anthropologist Carl Gustav Jung, underlines the importance of archetypes in the collective unconscious.

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