Sweet Moscato di Tempio Spumante DOC (bottle 75 cl)

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Cantina Sociale Gallura

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Tempio Pausania (SS)

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CLASSIFICATION: Moscato di Sardegna DOC.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Moscato 100%.

WINEMAKING: white, Charmat method for sparkling wineproduction.

AGING: in the cellar, 2-4 months.

TASTING NOTES: Colour: Light bright straw yellow, fine andpersistent perlage.Nose: Big, intense, especially fine andelegant with pronounced fruity notes.Palate: Nice balance of sweetness,delicate, smooth, long finish on the palate.

STORAGE: constant temperature 14 °C, humidity 75%,controlled light, horizontal bottle.

SERVING: goblet, serving temperature 8-10 °C.

MATCHINGS: fruit, with the exception of citrus fruit, drypastry, cakes without chocolateand strong tasting liqueurs

Contains sulfites


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