Terre Bianche - Cuvèè 161 DOC 2017 (bottle 75 cl)

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Sella & Mosca

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Alghero (SS)

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VARIETY: Torbato is an ancient variety that migrated from its original home in the Aegean to the Iberian coast along the trade routes of the Phoenicians. It was introduced to Sardinia under Spanish rule and today is grown exclusively by Tenute Sella&Mosca.

PRODUCTION AREA: Alghero, Tenute Sella & Mosca, in the heart of the Terre Bianche, limestone-rich soil formed by prehistoric marine sedimentation, which imbues the grapes with their unique structure and subtle aromatic components.

HARVEST PERIOD: Torbato is a late-ripening variety harvested in late September and the first ten days of October.

WINEMAKING: The pulp of the Torbato grape is rich in fibre. Vinification of this distinctively structured berry involves controlled-temperature skin contact after gentle crushing of the grapes, which enables the winemaker to extract the full range of Torbato´s varietal characteristics. The resulting must is clarified and then fermented at low temperatures for about 20 days. Extended ageing on the lees and barrique fermentation of a small proportion of the wine yield structure, fullness and weight on the palate.

APPEARANCE: Yellow shading into gold over time.

NOSE: Fresh, subtle and almost bashfully reluctant to emerge, especially when young. Closer examination reveals complexity with hints of Mediterranean shrubland, cardoon flowers and ripe herbs.

PALATE: Austere and full bodied on entry, signing off with a hint of velvety softness on the back palate. Zingy acidity perfectly complements the mineral savouriness that nicely offsets the complexity of the structure, which is lifted by a grace note of vanilla. Insistent notes of spontaneous Sardinian flowers meld with an appealing palette of aromatics.


SERVE: In a broad-rimmed glass at a temperature of 10-12°C.

FOOD MATCHINGS: A versatile, food-friendly wine that partners many rice or pasta dishes, reaching its superb best with the marvellous crustaceans harvested from the sea around Sardinia.

Contains sulfites

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