Sea salt flower - organic orange (can 150 g)

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Description: Sea salt flower is thefirst crystal of integral see salt which forms naturally in the evaporationponds.

Ingredients: Sea salt flower 94% (whole sea salt), organic orange 6%(pulp andpeel in variable proportion)

APPEARANCE: Naturally fine and fluffycrystals with small pieces of orange peels

COLOUR: Mild orange

TASTE: Fresh and fruity, typicalof the orange Production method: It´shand-picked according to ancient traditions, by choosing the best platesfloating in evaporation ponds; it´s dried thanks to traditional methods, thenundergoes quality controls. It´ s not washed, nor bleached. Oranges arehand-picked and carefully selected; the mix of orange peel and pulp is theprepared and added to the salt, mixing until completely homogeneous. Then it´shand-packed in fragrance-saver jar

Consumers: The product issuitable for all consumers except for those who are particularly sensitive toeven small amounts of sodium and have increased risk of developing arterialhypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Serving suggestions: Perfect for fish diches, fruit salads, baked chicken, risotto andpaella

Notes: It does not containany added colouring agents nor preservatives. Furthermore,theroduct is OGM free

Allergens: Not present

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