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Almond Torrone (box 150 g)

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Pruneddu Salvatore & C.

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Tonara (NU)

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It´s the most popular torrone in Sardinia. The delicate taste of almonds combined with the aromatic Sardinian honey creates a beautiful, traditional recipe. If you want to try the Sardinian torrone, start with the almond taste. It´s the best!!!

Serving suggestions: try it cool!! Keep it in the freezer. The low temperature diminishes the sugar level and raises the taste of honey and dried fruits.

General characteristics: the classic Torrone is typical of the Barbagia region. It´s made of Sardinian honey and the best selection of dried fruits. The colour is ivory, the taste is soft and emits all the Mediterranean aromas. It´s made of almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. There are 7 varieties of Almond Torrone: each variety, has a particular type of honey. Try them all: they have got a different taste!!!!!!The honey used is typical of the island. And even the nuts are the result of a strict selection.

Ingredients: Sardinian honey, almonds 50%,white of the egg, wafer.

Preservation: unfortunately, there is no law that establishes the maximum expiry date of a product. So every producer decides his own. Usually, we suggest the shortest expiry date because we use only genuine products. The torrone, in the supermarket, is safe: the taste, the aroma and the consistence remain the same for the whole period indicated in the packet. The expiry dates are: max 10 months for the walnuts Torronemax 14 months for the hazelnuts Torrone max 18 months for the almonds Torrone.

It may contain allergens

Sardinian honey
Sat 12 November 2005

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