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Logheri - Sweet white wine (bottle 50 cl)

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Cantina Sociale di Oliena

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Oliena (NU)

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THE VINEYARDS OF THE LOGHERIThe vineyards extend over the district of the town of Oliena on nonirrigated,exfoliated granite soils on medium-height hilly sites. The vine training systemis the traditional method using small trees, which allows for low returns perstump and hectare. The ideal exposure of the area to sunlight and the highrange of temperatures between day and night allow for a perfect maturation andconcentration of sugar content with the aromatic component inside the berry.Grapes are harvested late during the first 10 days of October after a briefperiod of over-maturation of the plant.

VINIFICATION AND REFINING Carefullyselected during transportation to the cellar, the bunches are laid out on smallracks where they will undergo a further raisining process inside fruit shedsthat are adequately exposed to sun and air. At the end of the raisining period,the bunches are pressed after the stalk is removed. The must obtained undergoesfermentation at low temperature and with the use of selected yeasts. Once thedesired alcohol content and the right sugar residual have been obtained,fermentation is interrupted via repeated racking and a sudden drop intemperature. This is followed by refining and storing the wine in French oakbarrels and stainless steel tanks.

BOTTLING AND STORAGE Micro-filtration andbottling are carried out using inert gas. Store in a cool place away from anysource of light and heat. TASTING Sweet white wine with a bright straw-colourand golden glints.Sharp floral sensors of rose, orange blossom and maquis withcandied and fruity notes of apricot, orange peel, figs and honey. Aromas ofvanilla and cinnamon end the experience to the nose. The taste is warm,enveloping and pleasantly alcoholic with a balanced hint of bitterness thataccompanies the clear sugar residual.

FOOD COMBINATIONS Desserts and biscuits from the Sardinian tradition. Custard and dark chocolate. Superb withmatured, spicy and blue cheeses.

Contains sulfites

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