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Extravirgin olive oil BIRDE - Monocultivar Bosana (bottle 50 cl)

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Ottana (NU)

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The Bosana is the most widespread cultivar in Sardinia. It contains aromas and flavours from the island, ranging from artichoke to almond, presenting itself as the distinctive mark in terms of olive oil origin.

Organoleptic notes: Artichoke, thistle and fresh almond; it is a full-bodied olive oil with a strong taste and bitterness.

Food pairing: Meat, first courses, roast beef, legumes soups and hard or mature cheese.

Chemical analysis:

  • Acidity: 0,14%
  • K232: 1,9
  • K268: 0,15
  • Delta K: 0,005
  • Perox: 5,3meq02/kg
  • Poliph: 497mg/kg
  • Tocoph: 303mg/kg

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