Kara Sardegna

VAT and Currency

All the prices are VAT included and shown in Euros.
Cortesa S.r.l. will apply the VAT rates in accordance with the Italian regulation D.P.R: 633/72 with some exceptions concerning the sales within the European Union or outbound.
From 01/07/2021, the VAT rates relating to final consumers intra-EU sales is territorially relevant in the country of final destination and therefore subject to the special OSS-EU regime.

The real VAT amount, if due, will be calculated at the order's request.

Fiscal documentation for companies and professional customers

The goods always travel accompanied by an order summary (DDT). Cortesa S.r.l. will send a copy of the proforma invoice by e-mail in PDF format at the moment the order is executed.
Cortesa S.r.l. will also send a copy of the fiscal invoice by e-mail in PDF format after the order has been processed. For customers based in Italy, the fiscal document (electronic invoice) will be available at the customer's online address or in the reserved area of the Agenzia delle Entrate.
Customers are therefore invited to fill in the fields required for its correct reception (PEC and/or SdI Recipient Code).

Fiscal documentation for private customers (consumers)

The goods always travel accompanied by an order summary (DDT). Pursuant to Art. 2, sub-section 1 of D. P. R. 696/96 (exemption from the obligation to issue the fiscal document for sales by correspondence), Cortesa S.r.l. will issue the invoice upon request of the Customer. The request MUST be made at the time of order by selecting the appropriate flag.