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Baa-bà - Book and cd with 11 songs (packet)

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Author: Rossella Faa

Contents: Stories, recipees and prayers... to make a song, in Sardinian-Campidanese language with Italian and english translation.Stories from which songs are born,songs from which a show is born and from the show is born a cd with 11 songs and a book that tells the stories.The short stories, narrated as self reflections, interwiews and diarys are written in a "non proper" italian language to preserve pure the way they have been told to the author.

The book is enriched by the wonderful colour drawings by Luca Albergoni.The stories are settled in a small village and in an undefined time, when granny was just a child.. They are not fairy tales but real stories about things in life that never change: love, hate,fear, courting. gods and food.The reader can understand the fascination about the stories that made the musical ideas bloom...

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