Ciccioneddas all´albicoccaCiccioneddas all´albicocca
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Marchese di VillamarinaMarchese di Villamarina
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Turriga - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT JEROBOAMTurriga - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT JEROBOAM
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akenta rosèakenta rosè
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Kara Sardegna is a shop located at the Olbia costa Smeralda Airport. It was born on 26 June 1994 to promote Sardinian typical products.

Our selling point has brought together all the "jems of Sardinia", a variety of products which express all the flavours and beauties of a traditional culture. In order to introduce Sardinia´s gastronomic heritage, we want to show you a huge range of the best Sardinian wines, accompanied by cheeses, salami, botargo, oils and sweets.

We have been looking after the activity for years, taking care of the quality and respecting our customers, which are so fond of the typical products of the island.

The Kara Sardegna shop


Settimo appuntamento di MY FAVOURITE ARTISAN LAB - intervista a Paola Garau – L’Isola del ricamo

Le radici ben salde nel passato e lo sguardo rivolto al futuro, alla conservazione e divulgazione dell’arte del ricamo e del cucito. Le sorelle Garau di Decimomannu, Paola (59 anni) e Daniela (53), non...

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Seadas served with vanilla pod and lemon frauguress sugar

In Recipes

Ingredients for 4 people: packet of seadas 500g sugar 2 vanilla pods 1 lemon zestOlive oil Put the sugar in a plastic box with the vanilla pods splitted and lemon zest, and mix.Deep fry the seadas in...

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GEASAR - Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda
Ciao Sardinia
Wokita, part of Meridiana group
Meridiana Maintenance
San Giuliano


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